Wii vs 360

After having spent some time with both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360, I’ve formed some opinions of exactly what I love about each console…




Nintendo Wii Xbox 360
  • Low Price
    $250 For a next-generation console? How can you beat it? Apparently you can’t as I hear that the Wii may be selling out all the way through the next holiday season! 
    sales figures
  • Innovative Controls
    There is no way to describe except to see it. Video
  • Built in Wireless Adaptor
    less wires. sweet!



  • Great Graphics
    The 360’s graphics are way better than Wii’s. I’m also a PC gamer, but building a PC with comparable graphics would probably cost me $600-$700.
  • DVD Player
    one less appliance in the living room. booya.
  • Achievements!
    Each game has a set of achievements set by the developer, each with points associated with them. Once you realize an achievement, the points are added to your Xbox profile! The more points you have, the cooler you are! (or sadder – I haven’t quite decided yet)

    my xbox360 profile


Do you think I’m spot on or full of poopie? Shout out in the comments!

Enter Nintendo Wii

On Sunday afternoon Dayna and I were lucky enough to find a Nintendo Wii at Best Buy. We got the last one. The fact that they can stay in stock at Best Buy for most of a Sunday tells me that the supply is starting to catch up with demand.

The Wii seems to be a great compliment to my Xbox 360. My general impression is – lower price, worse graphics, better multiplayer experience.

I am going to start keeping a list of what I love about each console and post it up here.

Video Games!

What an exciting week for the video game industry. Playstation 3 launches Friday the 17th of November, and Nintendo Wii launches Sunday the 19th of November.

I personally am still excited about the year-old XBox 360.

It will be interesting to see how these consoles sell during the holidays. The rumor is that if PS3 is not a huge success, Sony is in serious trouble.

At least one reviewer (NY Times) is calling PS3 the loser this year. This is not entirely surprising considering PS3’s high cost and short list of games thus far.