Home Depot Sucks at Special Orders

This is the story of how Home Depot in Woodridge IL horribly screwed up a special order and then fixes it (sort of).

On January 9th I go into Home Depot to special order a whirlpool tub and drain. The associate tells me that the drain color I want is not available so I pick a different color. I’m told it should be in around the 16th. Cool. I plop down $1000 and leave the store.

The next day I’m doing some research and find that the drain color that I want does exist. I call up Home Depot to change my order and its no problem since the parts haven’t even shipped yet. The new drain should even be a little cheaper than the old one. Awesome!

The next Monday, January 15th, I stop in to check the status of the order and settle up the difference in price, when I find out that the original order was canceled but the change was never executed. They just sat on it for 5 days!. Furthermore, nobody is available to execute the change. I am assured that the order will be placed the following day and that it will be expedited. It won’t get here by the weekend, but it should get in early next week.

A few more days pass with a lot of unreturned phone calls and empty promises. At some point the order is actually placed. I have also placed a complaint with corporate Home Depot via their website.

The following Monday I am told that the tub was shipped on the 19th, but it won’t be in until the 30th! By this time, my complaint has finally gotten the attention of the store manager. Over the next couple of days the manager works with me to speed up delivery, and offers to take 10% off the order. The tub should arrive this Friday, the 26th, a mere 16 days after attempting to change the original order. 10% doesn’t come close to making up the lost construction time, but its better than nothing. Grrr.

Update 3/18/2007
I have received the promised refund from Home Depot. Yay.