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Hey there, I’m Christopher G. Johnson and I’m glad you stopped by.

My company, Innovation Instincts does web and mobile consulting.  I’ve been building web applications for over 10 years with technologies like Ruby on Rails and Java for companies like OfficeMax, FTD, BlueCross BlueShield, and Nuance Communications.

My latest project is called FindMyBeer, which you can use to find who sells or serves your favorite craft beer near you.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Chris,

    Sorry to track you down via your blog but it was the only way of contacting you outside of calling you at work (which I am against). Anyway, I have a client in Lisle who is a profitable startup company in the Geospatial field who is looking for a full time developer with both Microsoft and Java experience. Would either yourself or anyone in your network be interested in hearing more about this opportunity?


  2. Hi Chris, we have an FBML app (Facebook’s Rest API, and LAMP architecture). It’s a productivity tool. We wanted to add some features but we are having problems setting up the test server even though we are using the same code as the production server. Two questions:

    1) Are we facing the problems because Facebook is phasing out FBML apps?
    2) How hard is to convert our FBML app to iFrame app?

    Will you be interested in helping us out? We will pay competitive market rate.


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