And… We’re Back

I blame wp-supercache.  I knew something was funny when the twitter posts on the front page were from many many moths ago.  I figured its like your web browser – just delete the cache and you’ll be all set.  Well when I deleted wp-supercache’s cache, my site went down, and it took me a couple of days to bring it back up

The fix?

1 -Disable plugins via the database:

2 – Modify  .htaccess to comment out or remove the section relating to wp-supercache.

wp-supercache has always caused some oddities.  I will no longer be using it.

Tutorial: Palm Pre SDK

The Palm Pre SDK, named Mojo, is not supposed to be available to the general public of developers for a few months.  Apparently it was leaked on the internets last night.  I was able to get a Hello World program running on the emulator.  Here is how I did it.

Windows XP
Java JDK 1.6.0_11 (any 1.6 probably works)
Any modern CPU should work.  Mine is 32 bit – not sure about 64 bit.
The emulator takes ~300MB of memory so you’ll probably want at least 1GB.I’ve got 2GB

1 – Download and install VirtualBox
(  I am using version 2.2.4

2 – Download and install the SDK.
Palm has the SDK available for free download.  I think registration is required.

3 – Start the Emulator.
When the SDK finishes installing you should see a “Palm Emulator” icon on your desktop.  Open it.

The emulator should start up and it should look like this:

Linux kernel starting

Starting Linux Continue reading “Tutorial: Palm Pre SDK”

A Better Window.onLoad with jQuery

I have recently come to discover the javascript library jQuery. My favorite feature is the window.onLoad replacement, which is actually faster than window.onLoad and can be used multiple times in one document.

    // Your code here...

Any code in the Your code here.. block will execute as soon as the page is loaded. This is useful for referencing DOM elements which would have been “undefined” before the page was fully loaded by the browser.

Top movies I wish would get released on Blu-Ray

I’m a High-Def nerd. I like my HD satellite TV, HD video games, and Blu-Ray(or HDDVD) HD movies. Unfortunately there are a handful of my favorite movies that don’t exist on blu-ray yet. Can someone make a call and get this fixed? They are:

  • Gladiator
  • Heat
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Fight Club

EDIT (4/3/2010): Saving Private Ryan will be the last of these released on May 4, 2010.  I’m happy to see that I’ve got so much traction with the movie industry 😉

EDIT (12/24/2012): All of these movies are available on blu-ray.  Whoohoo!

Sunday Quick Hits

Here are today’s blogworthy thoughts that I don’t care to write entire articles about

  • My team and I at Geneca finished our B2B auction web application ahead of schedule last week and there was much rejoicing. I had a lot of fun on the project.
  • About two and a half weeks ago now I finished my summer MBA course: Cost Accounting. Man am I glad that’s over.
  • Today I upgraded RedCloth on my rails app to 4.0. Dreamhost didn’t have redcloth installed by default however and to make it work I ended up having to create a gem repository in home directory – it ended up being a real pain in the ass. I mostly followed the instructions on doing so from here:
  • I saw an old post I made last year saying I dropped my yearly hosting costs to $23. Renewal time came around again and without being to use a promo code it costs $119/year. Dreamhost has been pretty good and I don’t feel like shopping around for a new host so I bit the bullet and paid it. ouch.